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What makes us human is the emotions and feelings in our body by experiences. This is just short post I will go in depth in another post or on a page on

Latin for the word emotion, ’emotere’, literally means energy in motion. The problem due to culture and personal bias or judgments the emotion sometimes is released but subconsciously we may hold on to it. The energy that is not released can effect how we perform in everyday activities. You may of not felt yourself some days or lack of energy or felt like carrying a weight around in the body.

This post is not covering complex emotional problems that have built up over a period of time .If that is the situation I suggest to see a professional for advice. Talking to a trusted friend can very often help release those emotions trapped in the body.

Often the root cause of many trapped emotions are 3 core issues the mind gravitates towards and holds onto.

1 Control: The mind or the Ego believes if it has total control there will be no problems. In relationships two Egos have a battle of who is in control that can be a lot of emotional energy used. In a personal life a person may believe that , when they have total control everything will be fine. In essence it is a survival instinct. The reality of life there is no definitives its just an illusion anything could stop the event or feeling.

2 Approval: We all like to have compliments because of the social brain. Animals and humans have better chances of survival hence that’s why more live in cities than rural. The Ego loves to be adored, it basks in the sunshine of approval. The realty is that no one is better on the planet , they may have different skills or have opportunities but internally every human needs a heart to beat to exsist. In instinct survival mode a human baby needs approval to survive or if the parents abandon the child it will die as it does sometimes in the animal kingdom.

3 Safety: The fight or flight or freeze response is a core survival mechanism always on alert. In relationships the emotional energy is there for survival. For example if you had a disagreement the brain will often go in to the familiar pattern for survival. The safety of the human is at its greatest risk during childhood hence there is often trapped emotions because children can’t fight or run but is confined to freeze situation. The old victorian saying “children can be seen but not heard” so what happens to the emotions? They freeze in the child body with no release.

Learning to release emotions takes practice and awareness so don’t give up easily persevere. Remember that little devil the Ego or the mind is in survival mode and runs all your internal programs. Here is a simple tip on releasing the emotions but please consult professional if you need help.

Question to ask the Ego or the mind: On a scale from 1 to 10 , 10 being the worst how is the emotion feeling now?

Your answer 8 (as an example)

Can you let go of the emotion or feeling now?

Your answer Yes

let go of the emotion. You probably will take a breathe or a deep sigh to release energy naturally.

Repeat the question On a scale from 1 to 10 , 10 being the worst, how is the emotion feeling now?

Your answer 6

Can you let go of the emotion or feeling now? Sometimes the Ego will try to stop the release with other sensations or voices in the mind. Trick the Ego and say: Could you let go of this emotion now?

Object is to persist the exercise till you reach 0 or feel empty. Sometimes you may go back up to 9 because the releasing may perturb other trapped energy.

Releasing is similar to exercising the more you do it the more energy you will have and will become easier and fun. A good friend taught me the practice and he says he has bliss factor after releasing becoming his normal being present self.

Meditation is an excellent back up plan if you are struggling to quiet the mind and reduce emotional states.

Another very similar releasing method is by identifying one of the root causes so you can release a lot of energy connected to several trapped emotions. For example: On a scale from 1 to 10 , 10 being the worst, can you release the feeling of being in Control ( Approval , Safety ) now?

I hope this tip will help you be energised again to your normal self by releasing those emotional trapped energies.

Have a go not an EGO



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