Lao Tzu “The Old Master”

The Tradition says he was a Chinese philosopher in the 6th-5th Century BC. and is he was believed to be the founder of Taoism. Like many of us our names are different to different people but mean the same person. He is called either Lao Tzu or  Laozi author name  or Lao Tze. Recent historians believe he was an invented mythical figure head. Similar to the origin of Buddha there is no know proof of a man only by later sacred texts. Obliviously there was someone or group of Indi duals that started the stories very often we call them their disciples.

Confucius is often believed to be a student of Lao Tzu. Similarly, some believe that when Lao Tzu travelled to India either taught or became the Buddha.

The Dao De Jing also known as Tao Te Ching is a religious text of Daoism.  The Dao can mean: Way or a path , de mean: Virtue or being morally good. Central teaching  is that there is a natural order or a “way of heaven” and by living in harmony with nature and with the Universe. The flow of ‘chi’ energy,  or action forming part of all living things, is compared and believed to be the influence that keeps the universal order of Tao balance.

Here are some teachings though out The Dao De Jing that contains 5000 Chinese characters

Compassion, kindness, love, tenderness, love, mercy, kindness, gentleness 

Moderation, simplicity, frugality meaning economy, restraint

Application in moral life it stands for the simplicity of desire.

Humility, modesty

Going with the flow 

Letting go

There are many other concepts from The Dao De Jing from a simple life to the role of a government . The book is translated into English give the native reader an idea but to truly understand its context you need to think in Chinese and understand its culture.

Finish one concept that I read today that is applicable about the worldwide Covid19 virus

“Should we Fear what others Fear? It has been like this since ancient times, it never ends!”



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