Age of Enlightenment with a Dark Shadow Part one

The New Adventures of The Musketeers

(A Psychological and Historical Perspective draft)

Madame de Rambouillet was the daughter of an Italian woman named Julia and her father was Bland Julia secret lover. Madame de Rambouillet was raised as Jean Vivonne daughter the husband of Julia as his own. He never knew of the affair of his wife Julia and Bland. Julia lover Bland was a traveller from a distant land who many stories to tell about his journey to France. He was intelligent calm and caring but yet a daring solider who wanted to join the Musketeers. He has seen death , hunger , rain and cold but his spirit was always joyful bringing solace to his friends and lovers. His charm and educated tongue could cast a spell on the educated ladies of Paris. During a visit to Paris the king’s army threatened him because he stood out from the local native Parisian. Because of his quick thinking he escaped the prejudice of the solders with his life. 

Madame de Rambouillet first name in French is Ciel Melodie or in English it is Sky Melody. Ciel was a bright young lady who had the privilege of being educated from Italian philosophies and arts. Her French father was keenly interested in the sciences and literature. This gave her the opportunity to develop her love of many passions of literature from different perspectives. This attracted the young aristocracy and promising Parisians to be in her company. Her mother Julia mentioned to her about her real father Bland in secret vowing never to tell her husband of the affair. Ciel knew the difficulty of the situation but she still loved Jean Vivonne as her real father. Ciel Melodie now understood why she felt different from most French citizens having an Italian mother and foreign father. Her heart and mind always looked below the skin colour and intellect of a person looking at the inner beauty of humanity. 

Ciel Melodie Rambouillet wanted to expand her understanding of the many interest she had to share with the local Parisons. She decided to convert a building in 1618 that became a saloon named chambre bleue. Her  influential women companions stated a new structure of learning for the most important writers, philosophes, and artists in France. They encouraged and supported the founding of the French Academy. 

The Dark side

From 1628 to 1642, French sailors captured slaves on foreign slave ships and brought them into the French colonies. The slave trade was legalized by King Louis XIII in 1642, and his successor Louis XIV encouraged the slave trade by giving a subsidy for each slave introduced into the colonies in 1672. The French slave ships, from the ports of Nantes, Bordeaux, La Rochelle or Le Havre, transported millions of innocent Black Africans

Aramis decided to see some old friends in Nantes where he was studying to be a priest at the city St. Peters Cathedral years ago. The city was vibrant with the many ships from the French colonies importing goods to the wealth of the king and the economy. The market gardens selling the local produce was a bustling city with many stories being told by the sailors and visItors. 

Aramis stayed at the château de goulaine where two of his good friends were working Michel Colombe a sculpture and architect Jean Perréal were living. “It’s been a long time Aramis, we can remember your youthful days chasing all the ladies but at the same time training to be a priest.” Aramis replied in a hearty tone” The ladies just loved my curls and smooth boyish cheeks. It was hard focusing on my studies as I had to walk every day through the streets of Nantes with so much activity with many young ladies of wealth spending and dinning in the town” Jean Perreal said jokingly “ They would have had you for breakfast” Then the sculpture said “ Many of those ladies husbands or fathers had plantations in the Caribbean. They used to brag about their black slaves being beating for looking at them in a strange way. Aramis said, “I never understood why the church didn’t say a bad word about the slave trade”. Jean Perréal said “ I remember reading a newspaper and it said about the English man Sir John Hawkins. He was the first slave-ship captain to take African slaves to the Americas, and he was a religious man who insisted that his crew serve God daily and love one another.” He continued in a cynical laugh “he called the ship the Good Ship Jesus”

to be continued

Comments by author: The continued episodes from the new musketeers will be eventually a book. I am planning to release the book in time for Christmas with all previous stories in  volume one. My mission is to make French history interesting in a light hearted story that teaches major issues we all faced in some guise in life. Hope you enjoy the narrative and this is only a draft so please excuse the grammar.



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