Ambition and Greed of Religious Monarchy Creeds

Part 4

Sebastian Stoskopff “The 5 senses”

The young maiden looked at Athos in disbelief and said” How do you know his name was Blaise?” Athos quickly said” my was heart  pulling my brain but it it couldn’t understand and it was confused. Then a voice whispered into my ear, the young maiden Sommer is our daughter.” Sommer grabbed Athos tightly and threw her arms around the stunned musketeer who was in shock.

D`Artagnan went off in a huff heading towards Porthos and couldn’t believe Athos stealing his potential lover. Still under the influence of alcohol D`artagnan didn’t realise it was deep affection Sommer was showing not passionate romance towards Athos. 

Porthos was in deep conversation with the famous artist who came especially for Porthos home to celebrate his new prestige title. Sebastian was a good friend of Porthos while he was living in Paris between 1622 and 1639. Porthos loved the high life with the famous and incredibly talented individuals that flocked to Paris who could live an opulent lifestyle with their talented gifts. The aristocracy were pretentious fueling the greed of the Parisian Monarchy who had a passionate love affair with the Papacy regents and bureaucrats. The gifts of intimacy between the arts , politics and religious embezzlement swayed the elite to indulge in their hedonistic earthly vices. This flow of resources made Paris a honey pot for young lucrative artists who wanted to make their mark in history. 

“Sebastian I love your delightful gift its a true masterpiece. You could of sold that painting for so much money, thank you so much”. Sebastian said to his old acquaintance “ I am so grateful for your help when I arrived in Paris. It was a difficult time for me being a stranger in Paris after several disappointments in my life. My father died at a young age , then I had to move and learn my skills as artist. Then my master died and I had responsibilities looking after his workshop and my mother… it all became too much for me. When I came to your home for help you really listened to me. My mind was tangled in a spiders web of emotions stopping me from focusing on my work. Thanks to you my dear counsellor, my mind and body came alive again and I did some of my greatest work. It was gift from you to be truly alive again smelling the flowers in the garden. Listening to the sweet sound of the violin and touching the essence of life I became alive with a new soul. The painting I named for you is called the five senses”. 

Aramis joined the lively conversation with Porthos and Sebastian while D`Artagnan was sulking in the background muttering under his breathe. ”Hello my good friends its a great banquet Porthos and everybody seems to be enjoying the occasion”. D`Artagnan speaks up in nonchalant tone with a hint of sarcasm “nearly everybody”. The two musketeers acknowledged D`Artagnan comment but mistakenly believed its was the alcohol speaking. 

Aramis said to his fellow musketeers “Who is that young maiden with Athos she seems to be quite affectionate towards him. She is young enough to be his daughter, maybe its old acquaintance he hasn’t told us about”. Porthos spoke up and said in an assertive but calm compassionate tone “That is Blaise sister Sommer the daughter of Catherine”. Aramis all of a sudden became very emotional because he loved Athos as a dear friend. The tears of joy and sadness mixed with the excitement and compassion filled his body”. Does Athos know who she is Porthos?” Meanwhile D`Artagnan flame of love started to burn again realising Athos was no longer a challenge for his fantasies of romance and passion for Sommer. Porthos said ”I expect he does now”. As they all looked across the room towards Athos and Sommer in lively conversation. The 3 musketeers walked over towards Athos and Sommer with keen anticipation of discovering the true nature of her relationship with Athos.

Athos introduced Sommer with his arm embraced around her with a mighty proud glee of honour and love.” This is my daughter Sommer the twin of Blaise”. D`Artagnan impulsively blurted out “You are a rose among thorns with a meadow  and brooke flowing along a wilderness…” “Thats enough D`Artagnan the flow of your intentions now are not the time or place, this is Porthos guest and Athos daughter” Aramis said in an angry tone.

“Attention please” Mousequeton said to all the guest.” we have the distinguished guest of honour the Parisian official painter for the king, Simon Vouet”. Everybody applauded and listened with keen anticipation. 

“Ladies, Gentleman and honoured guest what a delight to be living in Paris at this time. French kings and Cardinals have left a legacy for the whole world to admire , they covet wishing they were Parisians. The world shall know we are the fathers of Gods children on earth. By our intellect , our talents and passions the simple man in France can receive the mercy of God and the king of France. The ambition of France is in the hands our the church and the saviours of the kings army. We are thankful for the salvation from heathens in England and the devils adversaries in Europe for the greater good of God and country. Raise your glasses in unison to the protectors of our faith the musketeers. Porthos is now offically Paris prerogative distinguished gentleman”.

Simon Vouet “Allegory of Wealth


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