The 15 minute miracle

Time is the enemy of many busy people juggling their own expectations , employment responsibilities and family life. Time can be similar to money and before you know it the money is all spent like the end of the day is finished. Todays hectic pace in a modern civilisation can be challenge with limited resources and the most expensive resource is time. Compounded on top of that is the necessary evils is what I call them or many use the word chores. Being a single parent running a business , having two teenagers and doing the necessary evils in the home and the garden can be a challenge. Im sure after a busy day at work and doing a few necessary evils around the home we can ignore other responsibilities I know I do.

For me I love researching and learning then writing about it is not a problem even when I am tired. After a hard day at work or other responsibilities the last thing I want to do is the garden. If you love gardening and it is therapeutic you are on a winner it can be rewarding. A dear friend who is a full time carer for his young wife phoned me recently. I have used his idea and call it the 15 minute miracle because it works. His wife needs constant care and it is very sad situation for them both, because of that he can’t leave her for very long. He said he was a 15 minute gardiner. Each day for six days he sets his watch for 15 minutes and does a little each day because that is all he has. He grows some of his own food and it gives him a break from his 24 hour care having just 15 minutes with nature.

I came home from work set my watch for 15 minutes started on my garden , wow I was surprised what I did. The 15 minute miracle could be any responsibility you find a challenge. For me personally it takes the sting out of a big responsibility to reduce it to increments. Interesting definition of increment : increase the act or process of increasing causing growth.

Researchers did 6 year study of doctors productivity and this is direct quote from the results but they recognised more research was needed Breaking down complex projects into small milestones can help give workers the completion high they get from easy tasks while still supplying the challenge and opportunities for development.

In summary break the avoidant cycle of necessary evils (chores) to the 15 minute miracle and you will see what wonders you can accomplish in a month.


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