The Ego and Life Patterns

Part of my book Life Patterns I am working on

Who are you?

At conception you were smaller than a full stop at the end of this sentence. As an adult that small dot has become a living breathing human with tremendous power in many domains. The most powerful domain or feature of any human compared to all other living organism on earth is the mind. The mind is the creation of your thoughts and in essence it is you. When you strip away the mind of an individual the body can not fully operate. The debilitating diseases that effect the mind are often called mental heath disorders. For the simplicity of this post let’s say the mind is a separate entity that is connected to the whole body. Illness can effect the mind and bring the body to a stand still either mental or physical illness. Majority of operations of the body systems are controlled in the brain many believe the concept the brain is the mind. The fact is that a small full stop can grow to be a mighty warrior and be defeated by mental or physical illness to a nobody basically nothing.

For the continued survival of a human being the Psychological health is an important ingredient. There are many different concepts, theories and definitions of Psychology. The health of a human Psychological perspective to flourish and enjoy existence is a heathy mind that influences the body. At this juncture there are important values or labels that science and society say are necessary but that is another story for another post. What is a heathy mind and how can a living organism be optimised for their potential having a great life? The secret is not a straight forward answer and one shoe doesn’t fit all approach. The book Im working on will unravel some ideas on how and why we have these life patterns as humans. To live a life you want to live is first to identify your own life patterns and reflect on them. Personal questions to ask: Why did I (Ego) do that? Am I (Ego) happy with that action and my life I (Ego) live?

The expression Ego is from the Latin I meaning from one dictionary definition the self especially as contrasted with another self or the world. There are many theories relating to the Ego originating from Sigmund Freud work even though he never used the word Ego. My objective in this post is to identify the Ego as the self or you as an individual entity separate from everything else. The origins of who you are were shaped by your childhood experiences. The foundation of your Ego or self is in your genetic hereditary and environment biological development.

The Ego had to survive with different needs driven by the mind subconsciously and consciously. For example the need for oxygen the mind or Ego drives your body systems to breathe. But we can choose to control our breathing by pausing while swimming under water. The Ego after a short period of lack of oxygen underwater will drive you to surface for air for survival. Understanding the Ego role in your life has a powerful enlightenment of who is actually in control, is it You or your Ego. As a child your Ego was instructed by many programs that your Ego gravitated toward. This Ego is part of your personalty, who you in your life in society , family and at work. Ego enemy is self awareness who reveals the programs the Ego is masquerading.


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