Female Psychopath

The stereotype of a Psychopath is usually the role of a male in a lot of media over the years. There has not been as much research in the female counterpart of a male Psychopath. The thought of a mother being a Psychopath is probably a difficult concept for many to contemplate. This post will explore few different perspective of a female Psychopath and their origins including the role of a mother who is a psychopath.

Researchers have found evidence of at least two categories of female psychopaths. Identified by interpersonal deception, sensation seeking, boredom, and a lack of empathy. Other patterns of early behavioral problems are promiscuous sexual behaviour and antisocial behaviour. Abandonment and neglect of biological children is also a symptom of female psychopaths.

Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP) is another reason why Psychopath females treat their children in negative parenting patterns. They thrive on the attention from having a sick child even if that includes them being responsible. They may derive attention from doctors , nurses and in their community. This confers to personality traits — narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy (DTP) DTPs tend to see children as an extension of themselves and a possession. The sad results of the child victims that can grow up without a sense of self or identity as being mummy puppet or trophy.

One resource said Machiavellianism is a personality trait involving a cold, calculating view toward others, and the use of manipulativeness and deceit to achieve one’s goals. Machiavellians have limited empathy for others, both on a cognitive and emotional level, and appear to have a reduced theory of mind. They strategically plot against others in order to get ahead in life and achieve their goals.

Reflecting on these difficult challenges that face society especially the innocence children welfare. Big questions I would ask: Why did you have children? Do you know the many sacrifices that parents make for their children? Did you know that every child is an individual?

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The inner darkness of a female psychopath

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