Tip Of The Week Challenge Yourself

The Human species is remarkable with many individuals displaying courage , strength and determination despite the apparent challenges they face.

Challenge your Thinking? Why do I Believe that? Is this the latest research or is it popular opinion or a bias? Could I be wrong? Is there a better or more enjoyable way to do what you always do?

Challenge your Body? Increase your Fitness or try new routines? Challenge your eating habits? Learn new skills with your body?

Challenge your emotions and feelings? Do something that makes you feel uncomfortable? Why do you feel a certain way doing this activity? Change the feelings or emotions? Listen to others emotions with no judgement.

Challenge your soul? Who are you? What can you give with no reward? Let your inner soul touch the world in a different way with compassion?


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About Stephen Hyne

I am creative and curious about life. I have a passion for the brain and the psychology of human behaviour. I love the renaissance art, culture and architecture. Music is my best friend follows me on my life journey of discovery.

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