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When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps Cofucius

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment Jim Rohn

Life can be pulled by goals just as surely as it can be pushed by drives Victor E Frankl

The ideal of playing any team sports without goals would probably take the incentive and fun out of the game. In a similar fashion life would lack incentives and fun if there was no focus or meaning to our life without goals. Victor E Frankl a neurologist and Psychiatrist who survived the holocaust survivor is an inspiring character. He had experienced life through the worst conditions possibles to the mundane activities of life in peace time. His research on humanity meaning and drives is a catalyst for a person purpose in life. In reflection on considering his ethos with work and experience goals helped him to survive then thrive.

Jim John is one of my favourite speakers and his speeches flowed with so much insight about life and challenges. He was a farm boy who eventually inspired millions to take action by his workshops and seminars. His practical advice on working on oneself to achieve the life you want with one key component was goals.

Confucius had a huge impact on Chinese culture and other Asian Cultures. He was influencing the attitude and the process of life in society. A large part of his teachings was rituals in simplistic methodical systems to enrich lives of all. By pursuing the enlightenment of many his focus was a system of educating others from the farmer to Government officials.

Excerpt from the Analects:
When Confucius was traveling to Wei, Ran Yu drove him.
Confucius observed, “What a dense population!” Ran Yu said, “The people having grown so numerous, what next should be done for them?”
“Enrich them,” was the reply. “And when one has enriched them, what next should be done?” Confucius said, “Educate them.”

Achievable Goals

1 Daily goals

Set 3 simple goals, I call them intentions at start of the day.

2 Weekly goals

Set various goals, the secret is not to have too many

3 Monthly goals

Set intermittent goals to supplement and support weekly and daily goals

4 Yearly goals

Bigger projects but again not too many large endeavours

5 5 Year goals

Where would you want be in 5 years

Stages of life goals




Personal Development

Life goals or Bucket list



  hours  minutes  seconds


Set a goal now!

Set goal before the New year 2021 Pexels.com

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