Ambition and Greed of religious and monarchy creeds

New adventures of the Musketeers 

Part 3

D`Artagnan came into the banquet room dancing around like a monkey at a circus he obviously had too much to drink. The intoxicated Musketeer was dinning below his station. “ D`Artagnan you fool come and sit down here” Athos grabbed his arm and persuaded the young fool to sit next to him away from the other guest.” What are you doing you incompetent fool. Do you not know this is a special occasion for our dear friend Porthos tonight”. D`Artagnan just looked at Athos in silence but he had a glow about his countenance. His whole body was alive despite being under the influence of alcohol. He was under the influence of a mysterious invisible potion that nobody in the room had taken. His eyes were alive, and his heart was beating slightly faster than usual. Athos being prudent and articulate in his choice of words and perceived D`Artagnan was smitten by the potion of love. “Who is it D`Artagnan , what is her name?” D`Artagnan gazed across the room to one of the servants attending to one of the other guest. Athos looked across the room and noticed a young maiden who had long blonde hair. Athos said to D`Artagnan in a angry voice “You don’t even know the girl, stop this infatuation and come to your senses”.

Mean while some of the distinguished guest were talking about the civil unrest in Paris with the heavy taxes being increased.Jean-Baptise Colbert France chief finance minister was trying to save the country insatiable appetite for war and dominance of religious freedom that cause a deficit in the economy. Marazin was proving to be unpopular even with the aristocracy with his cunning devious plans to manipulate the seat of government by his edicts. France had become for the Pope a vision of an extended Holy Roman empire leading the way for the rest of Europe. The Kingdom of France was in the power of the Cardinal and his lover the Queen regent. Despite the nations internal conflicts the banquet at Porthos home was going well with the servants busily seeing to the needs of the guest.

Aramis was engaged in deep conversation with François VI de La Rochefoucauld a distinguished gentleman who knew 

Madame de Chevreuse who were both acquaintances of the Queen. Aramis said to Francois “how do you know Madame de Chevreuse?” The noble replied in a charismatic tone” My dear fellow I met her first in 1618 at the Palace as a superintendent of the household of Louis XIII’s queen. She is an inspiring woman full of vigour and vim a patron for the French people and nation”. Aramis knew this noble woman but the secret liaison they had  was unlawful as she was a married woman. She inspired his heart to fight for France after the failure of his dream of being a priest. The church stole Aramis heart and soul after the conspiracy of a bishop and a kings officer couldn’t liaise with the Cardinal hypocrisy. Aramis was ruled by his passionate heart either a love for God , country or a mistress. Despite his emotional outburst he still had genuine ethics following the love of his saviour. Aramis knew about the corruption of the church and Kings embezzlement of Frances resources. He had empathy for the common man and woman of France defending their right to be heard.

Love was intoxicating D`Artagnan despite Athos careful and watchful eye on both. “ Thats it D`Artagnan I’m going over to that young maiden to warn of her of your incorrigible behaviour”. Athos walked over to the young maiden seeking an opportunity to speak to her in private. “ Can I speak to you privately for a minute please?”. “What is it Sir? Can I get you and your friend another drink?” Athos said in a fatherly but kind voice” That fool has had too much to drink already , I just want to warn you of his conniving advances”. Sommer looked at Athos with affection and said” Thank you very much for your considerations. I use to have brother who was like him and he reminds me of him with his foolish antics”. Athos smiled at the young maiden and said you are very beautiful, you remind me of someone, I’m not sue who. Where is your brother now? Sommer had a tear in her eye as she looked away in shame of her grief. “ He is dead sir” she said very softly. Athos mind then went into synchronisation mode. He had two conflicting emotions enveloped with bewilderment. In sheer desperation of disbelief he asked the question “ Was his name Blaise?”

to be continued




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