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You only have one pair of hands

Many hands make light work. Don’t be afraid to delegate

As a fiercely independent person this is one of weaknesses. As I grow in insight there is close correlation between two opposites. A strength can be a weakness at times and the weakness can be a gift. Reflection is the key to understand ourselves and the universe.

Reflecting on my week one of my greatest strengths has lead me to two questions. How could of I done a better job? How can I make this job or process easier?

I used to volunteer for a massive organisation and my favourite word at the time was delegate. Running large departments and having optimum performance and safety was important. There was no way one individual can manage or organise a large group of people especially when the numbers ran into thousands.

The prophet Moses lead the Jews out of Egypt with his right hand man Aaron who was the negotiator. Moses realised he needed help to organise the millions to be successful so he did.

There are many psychological reasons why people don’t ask for help. Here are a few that you might identify with

1 I am independent and I never ask for help because I can do a better job and guaranteed the job will get done.

2 Believe no one does anything for nothing

3 Everyone has busy lives they have too much to do already.

4 Fear of rejection, I have asked before and I was let down.

5 Feel incompetent asking for help.

6 Too proud

7 Too shy

These are just few reasons what might stop us from asking for that helping hand. Challenge your thinking and reasons of not asking and when you start asking you will have might of Made the job easier. Might do a better job with a few different perspectives with different talents. We only have so much Time , energy and resources .

Many voices can speak a louder message


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