Ambition and Greed of religious and monarchy creeds

New adventures of the Musketeers

Part two

Porthos stopped what he was doing instantly and said to Sommer the young maiden “Quickly come with me into my office”. At the same time Porthos commanded Mousequeton his servant that no one to disturb him and young Sommer in his office. “Sit down their my young maiden while I will pour myself a stiff drink”. The young maiden sat down and started to shake out of fear of reprisals from her secret. Porthos could see she was frightened like a small shrew scampering in the long grassy meadows.

“Are you bloody joking Sommer about your grandfather , it wasn’t that terrible red dragon. I’m sorry I forgot he was your relative , I didn’t mean to splurge it out. Your grandfather has caused so much misery for my dear friend Athos and my pain just came out in anger then, please forgive Sommer it is not you I am angry with”. Sommer looked relieve knowing his anger wasn’t directed to her. She knew the musketeers were experts with the sword and if they wanted they could kill with just one swoop of the sword before the enemy had time to think about it. Porthos waited for a while in silence as he composed himself after gulping down a shot of his strong drink.

“So what has happened to your mother? Do you know who it is?” Porthos said in a fatherly tone. “Yes her name was Catherine”. Porthos was speechless but in his mind he was having a private conversation with himself. The dialogue was between the rational Porthos and the emotional Porthos in his head. The rational Porthos said “Is this the same mother Athos lover the Italian flower who bore him a son called Blaise?” While the emotional Porthos said “Oh no that can’t be true“ Sommer noticed Porthos was confused by his eyes looking right then left and moving his arms opposite to each other with a puzzled face. The young maiden started to cry and and a torrent of tears came flooding down her succulent cheeks past her bright red lips bouncing off her narrow chin. Porthos knew those tears were for her mother Catherine because the flow of them reflected the pain from within her heart of the bond they had. Porthos in warm gentle fatherly manner looked upon her sadness and felt the tears well up in his eyes and his heart started to swell for Sommer sadness. He watched her quietly as she bathed in a shower of her sadness as the tears washed her long blonde hair. There was nothing Porthos could do or say because he knew pain had to make its mark on the soul of the young maiden as he watched her embracing her pain with his heart.

Eventually Sommer started to compose herself and apologised to Porthos for all the inconvenience she has caused him especially on this special banquet he was organising. “The tears of a sweet maiden are more important to me than the frivolous chatter of drunken fools my poor girl” said Porthos in a consoling tone. “You are so kind and understanding my lord , I wish all men where compassionate like you”. My dear maiden the secret of compassion is first to be compassionate to yourself. Only you know within that understands the pains and joys of life by embracing the inner soul of self. When I feel for the young Porthos who has seen the anguish of his mother and the shame of the young Porthos father. Reflecting on how the inner young child feels at times I give that child compassion. We are all human Sommer and the inner souls we carry are the reflection of humanity.

Sommer was listening to every word as new dawn of inspiration filled her heart with a flow of compassionate knowledge embracing her inner soul. Porthos looked at her nodding his head and said” I can see you understand what I am saying to you and that it is why it’s not just the sword that conquers but the emotions of one hearts can make a mighty man fall to the ground.”

Sommer said in a grateful and humble voice “Porthos you will always be my counsellor and protector who truly understands even the young maidens tragedies , thank you”. Porthos humbly replied “ thank you”.

French King Louis X1V was living with his Spanish mother Anne the Queen regent and his brother Philip in the Palais Royal the former home of Cardinal Richelieu. The Cardinal Mazarin was of Italian descent and once a solider before expanding his career as a Papacy diplomat. Now as France principle minister the stage was being set to groom the young Louis to be France narcissistic future king. The Cardinal secret rendezvous with the king mother Anne was secret the Pope and the French religious patrons would not tolerate. The ambition of greed and power of Mazarin confused the young king morality that shaped his mind in quest of sensual pleasures and pursuits.

The common French labourers bore the heavy burden of the monarchy opulent lifestyle and religious wars. The conflicts the young king had to carry were not just his family conflicts but the many years of civil wars between the Protestants and devout catholic’s. Also the inter marriages and alliances between the countries in Europe couldn’t stabilise peace because of the greed of kings.

The evening came when the aristocracy guest started to arrive at Porthos home for the celebration of Porthos new title. The servants were busy preparing the food and alcohol for the guest. It was was a hive of activity with the aromas of meat and garlic floating in the air followed closely by wine and French ale. Sommer decided to help despite Porthos insistence for her to rest . She wanted to show her gratitude and was looking forward of meeting the other musketeers especially Athos.

To be continued


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