The great divide man verse woman

Who is worth more?

Religion, education , employment, family systems are just a few institutions that have separated the roles of gender in history and still persists today. I will endeavour to be neutral in this post because I know it can be very emotive for some because of past and present prejudices. We all have hidden bias and constructs about ideas again I will endeavour to be neutral about my hidden bias.

From a religious perspective God in many cultures is portrayed as masculine deity. From the governance in the religious systems it has been dominated with male leaders including priest , gurus, monks and more. The religious writings , inspirations , interpretations and teachings with conclusions are very much male dominated. The fascinating fact about the male hierarchy religious system women are generally more religious. According to one research on religious activity woman worldwide generally identify to a religious faith compared to men. The reasons why that is the case are many and varied but there is no definite evidence to say why.

Education in history has been only available to the privileged classes and because of many cultures women rights have been viewed as non negotiable. Influenced by cultural ideologies the roles women play in society has reduced their availability to education. Today “Women make up more than two-thirds of the world’s 796 million illiterate people.” according to one website. Even a basic education for young girls still are a factor especially in poor countries.

Employment is crucial for survival in many cultures but more importantly it adds meaning to a person life for many. Reflecting on your childhood ambitions and inspirations was a key factor influencing the future. My ambition as a child was to work on a boat traveling the world and being paid at the same time exploring this beautiful planet.Employment in historical terms has dramatically changed due to the industrial revolutions. Statistics worldwide shows that more women are unemployed than men. The reports shows that throughout the world women work more than men including duties in the home as unpaid work .The evidence says”women spend on average over 5 hours of unpaid care work per day, while men spend less than one hour”. I understand that reality being a single parent of 3 children at home there is always plenty to do.

Family systems are related to the previous reasons in the differences in genders. The beliefs we embrace as children or accommodate as adults influence the men verse women bias we have. The culture influences the different beliefs we assimilate. The lens of family systems shapes the actions of an individual either positively or negatively. Removing the lens of personal and family systems beliefs may reveal hidden bias with the great divide of man verse woman situation.

The personality of an individual will have an effect on what actions they take in life. There are many models explaining personality and temperaments that will effect the situation of equality in life. One interesting model that does have its limitations like most theories sheds light on what role we play in society. Carl Jung proposed several theories about personality. One theory was extroverts and introverts of personality and this will effect any relationship. The theory of Archetypes explains the patterns of a person behaviour. The Myers Briggs personality test is another popular personality test. When we explore who we are we can understand our position in society how we relate to others. Being unaware of who we are can separate the equality of men and women. Recognising that others personality will have effect on the relationships between the sexes will give you insight. Popular culture portray men as psychopaths but in reality women are capable of such behaviour. Understanding personality of people will influence our actions and behaviour towards the sexes.

In conclusion before you make any judgments about another person ask yourself an important question: Where is this judgement coming from? Do I continue to support the great divide of men and women? It could be in the family , in the work place or even with friends. A quote to consider with deep reflection will remove our partially.

Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides.
La Tzu


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