Ambition and Greed of religious and monarchy creeds

Power of State and Religion was like a game of chess in 17th Century

New adventures of the Musketeers

Part one

May 14, 1643 King Louis XIII of France died at the tender age of 41. His son Louis less than 5 years old inherited a fractured country. His mother Anne with the Cardinal Mazarin ruled the country. The country of France was in turmoil with wars from neighbouring countries and the civil conflicts that divided the people.

Porthos hears a knock at the door accompanied by frantic breathing and wallowing of a woman’s cry. Porthos quickly opens the door to see what all the commotion is about. “My dear lady please come and sit down” at the same time Porthos shouts down the corridor to his servant. His servant Mousequeton comes running into the chamber to where his master and the young woman where. The long blonde hair of the maiden was silky as the finest fabric of nobles. Her face was red from running for help. Her sad blue eyes were swollen from many tears that flowed. The breathing was fast with anxiety and panic. “Sit down my sweet maiden on this chair and I will ask to fetch some food and clean clothes for you.”

In the meantime another young servant came into the chamber with wood for the fire under the large cask iron fireplace. The fire was blazing as the servant was feeding the fire and the fire giving light and warmth in return. “Thank you very much my Lord you are so kind” the young maiden said in a quiet and respectful voice now beginning to compose herself. “ What seems to be troubling you?” Porthos asks in a respectful voice with a kind smile of reassurance. The young lady takes a couple of deep breaths to compose herself as she prepares unburdened her worries. “ I have no where to go , my Grandfather died a year before the King Louis died.” Porthos was in a quandary and wonder why she didn’t mention her mother or father. Porthos

looked at her sweet soft face and said “explain you have no where to go. Do you mean no where to live?” The young maiden said in a sad voice quickly”Yes I have no where to live and sleep, I am all alone now” As she said these words tears came falling down her face and she started to cry.

Mousequeton knocked on the chamber door and waited for a reply. “ Please come in Mousequeton” Porthos servant had some food and clean garments for the young women. The fire was blazing in the chamber providing warmth and comfort for the woman but her sadness still persisted. Porthos said “don’t worry about finding some where to sleep tonight you can sleep in one of the quest rooms. For now have something to eat and there are fresh clothes for you to change into. We will talk about this tomorrow my dear girl.” “Thank you my lord you are a true gentleman and musketeer for the people” said the grateful maiden. As Porthos was leaving the room he instructed the servant girl Amber to organise the guest affairs. “ What is your name?” Porthos called out just as he was closing the door waiting for a response. “Sommer”.

The next day Porthos was expecting his fellow musketeer for banquet with thier noble companions and mistress. The affair was to celebrate Porthos new title which gave him prestige and gained exemption from the toille taxes. The country of France was near bankruptcy so the heavy burden of taxes rested on the the underprivileged classes. The clergy and the army including the musketeers were exempt from such strict taxes. The added benefit of living in Paris the elite constitutions gave the aristocracy even more opulent lifestyle.

In the morning Porthos came down stairs with a swing in his walk whistling the French Louis Couperin composition. His banquet was going to be the talk of all Paris with a personal appearance of this fine musician. The sun was shining on this beautiful warm autumn day with much anticipation from all in the suburbs near Porthos home.

Porthos was organising the affairs of his household for this special banquet to make it a night to remember for all. The young maiden Sommer came into the kitchen were Porthos was checking all the plans and arrangements where in place. “Hello my young lady , I gathered you had a comfortable night” Sommer was in a far better mood after resting in a warm secure bed with all the past misery nearly forgotten. Porthos said to his guest “I am extremely busy today and tonight, see if you can help out please, I will need extra help tonight by serving the guest. Arrange with Mousequeton and he will explain your duties and select the appropriate attire.” The Young woman was was so grateful that Porthos had welcomed her into his home and she thanked him from the bottom of her heart. “Before you go Sommer who was your Grandfather I might of known him ?”

Sommer hesitated but knew Porthos reputation of a people’s friend with no judgements an emphatic understanding gentleman who was raised from poverty and knew the perils of the common folk.” It was Cardinal Richelieu.”

to be continued

References › watchLouis Couperin – Prélude in D Major – YouTube


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