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Breathe through the nose for clarity

Through my investigation of many different subjects I will endeavour to share practical information to improve and enhance life. Each week I will endeavour to post something practical to implement in regular life to reach your potential and enjoy greater performance.

I am a great believer in simplicity and succinct easy tweaks which is the fastest way to see the greatest dividends in personal life. One of my mantra is “one small step will make a big impact”

I have done a post before called “Breathe or not to Breathe?” This is a supplement or a tip for the week.

I am a great fan of meditation and a key corner stone to this practice is breathe work. My brain this week was thinking that’s great to do breathe work during meditation but what about other activities.

Running and exercise. It has been several years since I used to run regularly but due to my competitive personality about 5 years ago I damaged my knees and stopped for other reasons. That time of my life in my late 40`s was the most healthiest physically and mentally I ever have been. They call its runners high and yes it was highly addictive for me. Great book called “ what I talk about when I talk about running” for writers and runners worth a red if you like both subjects.

A friend suggested walk/run so I googled that and off I went into the national park where I live. I did some research on the techniques of running and a key component was breathing through the nostrils for the first 3 to 5 minutes for max performance and build from that.

This week I read the book “The Yoga of breath” by Richard Rosen and the book “Breathe “ by James Nestor. Also watched YouTube video with James Nestor about breathe work. The importance of nasal breathing was stirring at me in the face.

Breathe through your Nose as much as you can.

The key tip is to implement breathing through the the nose rather than mouth. It will reduce infections and improve your performance.

  • Breathe in for 5 seconds then hold then out 5 seconds via nose at least 5 minutes a day
  • Increase your nasal breathing as part of your meditations
  • Tape your mouth at night to breathe through the nose reduce sleep problems and snoring
  • Breathe through nose first 3 minutes of exercise
  • Become aware of your breathing during the day and change to nasal breathing
  • Eventually through training the brain you will automatically breathe through your nose
  • So many benefits to breathe through the nose mentally and physically.
  • Set yourself a goal to breathe naturally through the nose each day

Your energy levels , vitality and even sex life might improve with nasal breathing.

Tip of the week start nasal breathing

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