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The word Health comes from an old English word meaning “being whole or complete”. This problem has plagued society since the beginning of time when our health has been incomplete. Most of us at one time have had setbacks due to our health that stopped us enjoying the complete experience. A passing headache will effect the experience or limit the full potential gains. When encountered with a more serous illness, it will force us to stop the activity.

The word health is not just associated with our bodily functions and systems that can falter. The mental health is another big factor in today’s society. A passing stressful situation will impeach us experiencing an event to its complete awareness. Health is so important it can supercharge us to reach our complete experiences in life that includes work , relationships and pleasure.

Today’s western philosophy has influenced the structure and history of science , religion and medicine. If you have a health problem it is divided into two main categories 1 Body = Physical 2 Mind = Mental. The divergence between the two is the structure in many modern institutions. The eastern traditions take a different perspective and other cultures have thier ideas about relation of mind and body.

Rene Descartes French mathematician and philosopher proposed the dualism theory of mind and body being separated in thier own right. He lived between 1596 to 1650 when Europe had tremendous religious influence and also the monarchy having an influence. The man was very intelligent with many fascinating ideas. From a neutral perspective I can see from today’s knowledge some of his philosophies are ridiculous even funny. I am not insulting the mans perspective maybe if I was alive then I might of agreed with him. The problem of theories is sometimes that whole systems of culture and institutions over centuries can be believed as impeccable truths.

I have always believed that the body and mind are one. I am not sure why. Reflecting on my childhood ideologies that the body and soul are the same could be the reason. When the body dies the soul dies also was what I was taught. None us know exactly about religious beliefs until we die.From a logical and analytical perspective I don’t understand the mind totally, I wish I could but feel that mind and body work together as one more effectively.

Three of my many passions are biology, psychology and physiology. The more I research the mind and body connection I am overwhelmed by the positive evidence how it is all into linked. Since the death of my wife at the young age of 45 years of a rare cancer it has driven my thirst of why? She was probably one of the strongest physically and mentally women I have ever met. She was brave , she was courageous and she was lovable by all. From my narrow minded perspective and with many books I have read about cancer the question I ask: what started the cancer and nobody’s really knows the answer. Reflecting back is a great key to understanding and a lot of people I have researched died early due to psychological deficits in childhood. So I believe when we examine all the evidence about a health conditions the body and mind we might find some of the clues.

What made me write this post was a powerful book that grabbed me and shook my consciousness. Called The inflamed mind by Edward Bullmore. The book gives recent evidence by scientists that Depression is linked to the immune system. I always believed that the body and emotions effect our immune system and immune system effects emotions. According to the book Simply put : the whole body defense response to illness will produce inflammation. How does inflammation effect the mind? Quote from book:

Inflammation in the brain also disrupts the flow of neurotransmitters. Serotonin, for example, is made by nerve cells from the base protein tryptophan. But inflammatory cytokines encourage nerve cells to use tryptophan to make other proteins like kynurenine instead, which support the inflammation process but are toxic to nerve cells in the long term. Moreover, by depleting its basic building material, kynurenine potentially lowers levels of serotonin in the brain. This, in turn, could affect our sleep, appetite and mood, and might also explain why some severely inflamed patients do not respond well to SSRIs. (end of quote)

There are no prescriptions as yet unless you have an autoimmune problems like rheumatoid arthritis that reduce inflammation with medication . Another great book to support my conclusion about the body and mind connection: The beautiful cure by Daniel M. Davis. Explains how the immune system has mechanism to fight disease. Here is quote from book:

Human immune systems are strongest during our natural rest time – night – and weakest during the day. One reason for this is that our bodies keep cortisol, the hormone that suppresses our immune system, at low levels during the night. Several studies have tested the potential stress-relieving effects of everything from laughter to tai chi. In one study, patients with diabetes watched comedy films with hospital staff. These patients experienced increased immune system activity. Or take mindfulness, a technique that aims to get practitioners to focus on the present moment. An analysis of 20 trials found that mindfulness practice could lower some markers of inflammation and increase numbers of particular T cells in patients with HIV. (end of quote)

I am a believer in the holistic approach and use intelligence and nature’s cupboard rather than the pharmaceutical giants concoctions of money making schemas. Please listen to your physician but have several options available to make an informed choice.

Nature solutions are free

Here are some free choices to heal the complete you.

Meditation and mindfulness reduce stress then reduce inflammation

Diet avoid process foods as they increase inflammation

Eat natural foods is nature way of healing

Exercise is good for body and mind

Talk to a friend about problems reduce stress

Sleep reduces stress which reduce inflammation

Reduce alcohol

Green Tea good for body

In conclusion when you invest in your body and mind you will be complete and healthy. Lifestyle is the not always the easiest option to start with but with small increments you will notice the difference in the long term.If you pay out to see a therapist or eat those important foods or reduce stress remember this mantra:

You are not complete until you heal the mind and body together.


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