Psychology and Science of Sex

If you mention the word sex depending on you are speaking to and the occasion there will be many varied responses. Religious, cultural and educational systems often determine our beliefs about the subject. On top of that( no pun intended) our experiences will have an influence about how we feel about the subject. Before I go any further a person sexual orientation is a very private affair and I respect that fact.

The facts of life was the subject taught at school which was a source of embarrassment for many. The fact is without sex the human species would die and from a biological perspective as it is natural function of life. Now imagine going back over a 100 years ago to the outspoken Sigmund Freud concepts on Psychosexual Stages of Development would of been shocking to many. I Remember reading about his ideas a while ago and my parents would of been shocked and they are from the hippy sexual liberation generation.

My quest through this simple blog:is there a correlation between today’s Psychology and science on sex. Being a widower now for 3 years I know both sides of the story raising 4 children and enjoying intimacy to being the single guy again. I know that one of the 4 noble truths of Buddhism is “ In Buddhism, desire and ignorance lie at the root of suffering. By desire, Buddhists refer to craving pleasure, material goods, and immortality, all of which are wants that can never be satisfied.” The Roman Catholic Church say sex is the original sin. According to one article the Nigerians and Mexicans have the best sex life. The article says that Japan are very disappointed about thier sex life. As you see there are very different views and feelings about the subject.

From a Psychological perspective it’s very difficult to explain the vast data of individual personal characteristics from hidden bias and many more inferences to explain a personal sexual perception.

The science shows that male and female brain circuits are very different. The emotional circuits and drives are different but not always stereotype in every case. There is very in-depth study comparing Sigmund theories against sexual drives from a functional neuroimaging perspective. Again there is a huge amount of data needed to explain in depth.

The science of being in love and the sexual activity is a chemical and hormonal activity in the brain. Roxy music wrote the song love is a drug and the euphoria experience in romantic and sexual activity is the brain signals to reward the body. In essence this is essential or the human species probably reduce considerably. The pathways or patterns in the brain determines behaviour which will include sexual activity.

In conclusion in this very brief blog is sex important? Our psychological and biological references will determine our sex lives.

Here are a few reasons why sex is beneficial

1 Boost immune system

2 Lowers blood pressure

3 Reduces stress

4 Sleep improves

5 Strengthen social brain connections

6 Regenerates vitality

7 Improves brain power and memories

8 Improves moods which leads to better relationships

9 Good for the heart and cardiovascular system

10 The survival of the human species


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