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I am passionate about learning, I can never get enough . I feel like a curious child with the questions:why? Where? When? How? etc. I am so grateful for living today in this technology era where learning has accelerated with just a touch of a button.

The resources available are phenomenon with a variety of subjects to investigate and explore. You may have information overload or a glut of non sequential material that can rob your time and resources. Through experience I have discovered that if you are not careful you can be hooked by emotional conditioning to a product enticing you at the push of a button to pay for a course , app , or another product. Then learn it is free or it was not what you wanted.

The other constraints most people have is, time which becomes a stress to learning rather than enjoying the learning process. Here are a few tips I have learnt which may be helpful in your continued learning.

Tomorrow starts today when you go to bed

1 Plan 3 activities in your mind just before you sleep in preparation next day

This primes your brain to focus ahead as a mental alarm for the next day. The idea of 3 things is achievable then it is not a stress and easy to remember and do. Start with 3 small ideas of learning or exploring,its not size it’s the consistency that counts.

Wake embrace the day with gratitude let the mind breathe.

2 Avoid the habit of time wasting the instant you wake up by social media etc with electronic devices.

When you wake spend a few moments of your priorities for the day work , children go school , shopping. Essential activities plan your day in your mind slowly no anxiety of time. Remember the 3 learning opportunities for that day.

3 Combine two activities at once Max time.

The brain can’t multitask effectively but there is a clever ways to use time more effectively in the day. For example when you are eating your breakfast unless you use this time for mindfulness do 2 activities. When you sit down to eat breakfast as I have mentioned in a previous post watch a inspirational talk or video on YouTube. Or you can use this time for a similar learning opportunity.

Breakfast time
Travel and learn

4 Travel and learn

On the commute to work is an excellent way to learn. Audio books , blinklist and podcasts. This is great way start conversations at work or create new ideas to improve productivity.

5 learn and burn

I am a great lover of the outdoors and thankfully I live in a beautiful part of the world. Exercise is important part of a healthy life style so use this opportunity to listen to some great authors or podcasts.

Learn and burn

6 leisure time learn what you are passionate about

Learn your passions

I have a lot of passions and interests so I never have time to get bored. I love wine and recently started to investigate the subject a little more. Decided to do a course from from computer even though learnt a little about the subject already and have done audio book course. Wow I loved it and how it was not a chore but a delight which I enjoyed during my leisure time.

7 Free webinars and conferences

Connecting to the experts

Surprised of the diversity of free webinars a great resource connecting to the experts and often a global community.

8 Holidays and travel

Take that book you always wanted read

What a great way to broaden your horizons having that well deserved break. The options are remarkable if you spend a little time planning your trips or even a holiday from home. Often there are local special events where you can learn from diversity of the community. Even you just want sit in the sun for a week why not buy that book about your favourite activities.

9 Less is more

Choose your OWN time zone

This post is not too encourage to be engulfed by learning every single moment to the exclusion of necessary activities. Idea is to be selective on your time and attention. Notifications, emails ,social media, news, can take away me time. Focus on what you want to learn and it want be a chore but a healthy habit with no effort. That degree or that course can wait priorities of family and Bussines are important. The secret to happiness is being authentic and balanced.

10 Meditation and self awareness is the best way to learn

Learn about yourself

Being totally present with self and others takes discpline Healthy lifestyle is allowing the brain to focus and process information. Meditation is excellent tool to learn about yourself and reduce stress which inhibits learning. Self awareness allows you to notice your intrinsic needs and the needs of others which is the most important part of learning.


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