The Red Revenge

Part two of of Melancholy Musketeer

D’Artagnan ran off hurriedly to find Grimaud, Athos servant to break the tragic news to him. “Your master has been stabbed, quickly attend to him as he is lying down injured on his bedroom floor.” Grimaud ran to his master house frantically, running upstairs then he crashes through his master bedroom door. He sees his master lying still on the floor with blood on the floor. Immediately he attends to Athos wounds and arranges his master safety to a new location.

Athos condition stabilises over a couple of weeks as he regains his strength and dignity while convalescing in a secret lodge . Meanwhile D’Artagnan arranges a secret meeting with his other musketeer friends away from Athos in fear of reprisals. He knew this was a conspiracy organised by the Cardinal Richelieu who was in pursuit of complete power of the country of France. The Cardinal was a a clever strategist who played the game of chess with peoples lives. He became arrogant because of his position and power but cunning to his allies. His preferred greeting from the patrons was “Holy father the Red Eminence and saviour of France.

Red Dragon

The 3 Musketeers met in the opulent Bugeaud in Paris a noble of the gentry home who was an acquaintance of Athos. “How is our dear friend Athos?” said Porthos with sincerity with a worried look on his face. Aramis interrupted angrily“ don’t just stand there , we need to kill this traitor NOW!” Aramis stamped his feet and slammed his fists on the table. D’Artagnan blood was pumping through his veins and he was full of energy. “Let’s go and kill the bloody Red dragon and his blood will be licked up by the dogs of the Huguenots who are waiting in the dark”. Aramis put his Hands on his two blood thirsty warrior friends and said” I understand the anger and pain you both have. This is about Athos and we cannot rush out with passion in our heart and just seek revenge in sheer anger.” “Here we go again Porthos you always complicate things by your insistence on finding the facts out first” said Aramis in a derogatory manner. D’Artagnan said in a courageous spirit” we are doing this for our dear friend Athos who nearly died”. Porthos sat down as he looked at his friends in the eyes and said” I know you both love Athos dearly but if we don’t have a strategy we could be murdered and what will Athos do then on his own against the Cardinal?” Aramis shouted like a madman I need a dam drink if I am going to listen to this nonsense”. D’Artagnan jumped up out of his seat and went to fetch some beer for the 3 of them to appease his friends in solace.

The Bugeau (St. James Hotel Paris)

They all sat down with drinks in hands in a lively discussion seeking a plot to to avenge the stabbing of thier close friend. They had many debates with very Colourful words venting thier anger of past demeanours of losses. The flow of alcohol slowed down the keen anticipation of revenge to a more laid back approach. As the evening continued with the sun setting the musketeers plots for revenge became more and more ridiculous. Porthos the comical musketeer suggested a fashion show in Versailles . He said in a Joking tone of voice why don’t we all dress up like the red dragon and slay him in public. He laughed and chuckled about his idea but Aramis and D’Artagnan were confused but they laughed along with him because it seemed preposterous.


Then there was a knock at door “ come in “ said Porthos in a calm subdued voice because the alcohol was making him tired after several hours drinking with his friends. D’Artagnan was nearly asleep with his head on the table and a glass of beer in one hand trying to close his eyes. Aramis looked up and said “what the hell do you want Grimaud?”. Grimaud was a timid servant of Athos and rarely said a word to the musketeers out of fear. “ Go on you fool ,is Athos back on his feet yet?” Asked Aramis in a harsh tone.
“ He is well sir… he wants to see you all very soon”. Porthos spoke up in a compassionate tone “thank you my dear servant of Athos ,arrange for him to meet us here and we will be waiting for him”.

To be continued….

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