What expectations do you have?

When we are young we may dreamed of being a fire fighter or flying to to the moon or a superhero. Whatever the dream we had as little people it gave us a glimmer of hope in our eyes of what we can do. I will say at this juncture some children dreams have been squashed by thier caregivers by negative statements”get a proper job” or “don’t be stupid you are doing this”.

Whatever the situation I’m sure all of us during our younger days before the tide of responsibilities came along we had some fantasy or dream expectations.

Dream big

The mind can be so busy with everyone’s dreams and ideas we may of forgotten or lost our drive to look further than tomorrow. The rat race of human existence with propaganda of Bussines fighting for your attention and resources. The emotional , physical and mental demands can drain our inner sparkle of yesterday dreams.

No time to relax

As we mature into young adults the stage changes and our internal body systems start sending us new messages. We crave independence and new experiences with experimenting. Trying to discover who we are and what we want in life. Again at this key stage the environment we were in could of swamped our aspirations and dreams with the challenges of our family systems ideologies or cultural footprints. Sometimes we get lost on our journey just trying to survive with the anxiety’s about the present day let alone our dreams and passions of tomorrow.

What our your expectations in life?

What are your dreams?

What are your passions?

Reflecting on our individual person needs is essential to maximising our long term health and future happiness. All relationships are based on expectations.

What are your partners expectations?

What is my boss expectations?

What are my children expectations?

What are my friends expectations ?

We can change and everybody has the option to change. As we grow older hopefully we become wiser and learn new insights. Our dreams and aspirations on our journey through life could take us to a new destination.

Ask yourself what are my expectations?

Love ?

Career ?

Health ?

Finances ?

Skills ?

Spend some time reflecting on your personal expectations if money or time had no constraints. Writing the dreams and expectations down is starting on the road to success, some call this affirmations. With our first small step can realign our intrinsic aspirations.

Simple visual of what science recommends

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