Can dreams teach us anything new?

Everyone dreams

Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.

Napoleon Hill

Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree? Is a famous opening lyric from 1983 hit by the Eurythmics. Dreams have been in society from the beginning of time with many references in religious ideologies, histories and cultures.

Today there are many variations of dream themes from the children’s section to the horoscopes in the tabloids. We have all had dreams some weird and wonderful then there is those bizarre dreams we would rather not talk about.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation was the brain child of Sigmund Freud. I remember listening to a lecture on his dream theories and putting it rather bluntly my mother would be shocked, but I just laughed. Most of his interpretations included sexual connotations and when we think of the time period he was definitely outspoken.

I have not studied his work throughly to come to any conclusions. Thanks to his boldness and creative ideas the foundation of Psychology was being laid. Through the last 100 years the science of dreams has also had an influence on society with its interpretations.

Oneirologist “research seeks correlations between dreaming and current knowledge about the functions of the brain, as well as understanding of how the brain works during dreaming as pertains to memory formation and mental disorders. The study of oneirology can be distinguished from dream interpretation in that the aim is to quantitatively study the process of dreams instead of analyzing the meaning behind them.” (Direct quote from Wikipedia)

Word of caution before you rush out to purchase that new dream book or pay someone to interpret your bizarre dream hold on to your hard earned cash. Everyone one brain is unique with a life time of individual experiences. What one interpretation could mean to one person could be the complete opposite to someone else. We all have hidden bias from the past right up to this moment in time and tomorrow we could change our mind again. Projection of an author labels of an event of definite explanations to the masses is going to be subjective. Diversity is the liberation of the soul and freshness to the human condition.

I have learnt one tool recently as a therapist on how dreams can teach us lesson from Gestalt theory. Basically gestalt theory is relating to our human experiences that have not completed the cycle. One example your brain says you want a drink , you make a lovely cup of coffee. You are in expectation of this moment but you had to rush away leaving the coffee. It is very simplistic definition of a missed opportunity you were wanting to complete. That why loss is very tragic, you imagined getting married live happily ever after. The mind prepares the soul with all its internal systems living with this person forever.

The process or the tool I will now try to explain is not so much understanding of all the details of the dream but understanding the two major parts of a dream. For this could be two significant inanimate objects that oppose each other. Often a emotion is tied up with a dream in a random fashion.

I will explain a simple dream I had and see if you can understand it from my world not your world to explain it. In therapy the client has the ideas or the therapist could project his ideas which would be ethically wrong.


I had this dream a year ago on holiday in Norway . This was my first holiday away on my own for about 25 years. My wife died in 2017 leaving me as a single parent. I left children with friends who look after them. When I was on my amazing holiday I had a very vivid dream , it was like I was there and I could feel every sensation and now reflecting on it is very real.( the brain can be easily fooled it can’t distinguish what is real or false. That why when wake up after a nightmare your body is in fear.)

Back to my dream , I was swimming underwater with my wife enjoying the lovely fish and calm sea. Then all of a sudden my wife was calling out saying “helping me I’m sinking”.She was being sucked down into a vacuum. I was struggling to pull her up out of the vortex. I remember shouting to her as I let her go of her hand.”I have to leave you or we will both die to to look after the children”.As I swam frantically away I could see her being swallowed up by the dark vacuum as she was drifting down into the darkness then I woke up .


This dream is a simple way to understand how I needed to complete an experience in my life from an emotional perspective. The two significant parts were me and my wife. The hidden message have you worked out yet? I had to move on or I could be sucked into a vacuum or vortex of deep darkness. At this point I do have times when I am sad about my old life. This is natural because the Steve that married Kate is a memory in my brain. All emotions are positive it is a part of the human experience.


In our skills practice I saw first hand with a fellow colleague that was finally resolved, a reoccurring dream from childhood. If you have difficulty in dreams or nightmares I would recommend seeing a qualified therapist who can be there with you as you try and complete a fragment reality of a dream.

Tell me about your dream

Sometimes we can learn parts of our inner selfs by investigating our weird and wonderful dreams. The brain and body are amazing design of pure craftsmanship. We are only on the fringes of understanding ourself and others especially dreams. Napoleon Hill said “cherish your dreams” because they may teach us many lessons to come about ourself.


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