Melancholy Musketeer

It was a bright sunny morning with a cool breeze awakening the residents of the Parisian community. Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu continued to gain power of the country with an alliance of the church and the state. The Red Eminence Cardinal Richelieu was plotting another scheme to disband the kings musketeers and use his red army as the new loyal agency for the king. Secretly the Cardinal wanted complete autonomy over Louis XIII.

The Red Eminence wore the cloak of an imposter fooling the king to be his trusted friend but he was devising a cunnining monopoly for complete power.

D’Artagnan was back to his youthful spritely self looking for a new opportunity to prove his valour in the Paris streets. He never trusted the Cardinal or the religious hierarchy because of their legacy of corruption and power. In his heart he knew he was going to uncover all the lies and deception of the Cardinal but he just needed the evidence and a opportunity to avenge his injustice.

“Wake up Athos” D’Artagnan said enthusiastically as he banged on his friend door. “Wake up , wake up, it’s a glorious day we have a royal appointment today”. There was no sound from inside the home of Athos. D’Artagnan walked around to the back of the house and climbed up on to the balcony where a window was open. There was still no sound when D’Artagnan shouted again as he entered through the window. The aroma of wine sailed through the air as he entered the room , it reminded D’Artagnan when Athos went on his melancholy binges in the past.

As D’Artagnan entered the room he looked around he noticed bottles everywhere some upright and other bottles abandoned on the floor. It looked like a cave of despair with fringes of light reflecting from the glass bottles as the light navigated through the dusty windows. “Athos where are you” shouted D’Artagnan with an impatient voice. He walked towards the front bedroom door along the corridor as the floor squeaked and cranked with his heavy boots. D’Artagnan thought, I wonder what Athos is doing this time of day, he knew about the royal appointment 6 weeks ago when all the musketeers were together he whispered in his mind.

D’Artagnan knocked on the bedroom door and said “Athos I’m coming in now , we need to get ready quickly”. As he opened the door it made a noise of a high pitched melody of strange noises. The hinges were buckled and the wood creaked as it dragged along the floor. D’Artagnan pushed the door with more strength as he struggled to enter the dark room. Eventually he managed to get through the array of clothes, furniture and more wine bottles in the room out as he pushed it out of the way. In the corner on the floor next to the bed was lying a wounded victim breathing slowly. As the injured musketeer slowly looked towards D’Artagnan he opened his eyes very slowly with a stare of sorrow and guilt. “leave me in peace my son , I don’t want you to see me anymore”. The shivers went through D’Artagnan spine as he walked towards this injured solider lying there.

“Who was it Athos? , who was it?“ D’Artagnan said in a passionate and angry voice. “Please go D’Artagnan before it’s too late”. Athos closed his eyes again and slowly turned his head away from his worried friend.

D’Artagnan noticed there was blood on the bed next to Athos and a small dagger near Athos leg. D’Artagnan mind was in a maze trying to understand what has happened to his fellow musketeer and friend. In his mind he had many questions that needed immediate answers. Who attacked Athos? why is there a dagger on the floor? Is Athos going to die? What shall I do? All these mysteries panicked the young musketeer as he looked around the room looking for answers.

D’Artagnan was a very impulsive hotheaded musketeer and at times of high anxiety he would make irrational decisions. He loved and respected Athos very much like a father who nurtured him.” I’m going to find Porthos and Aramis and we will kill the Red Eminence and his blood will be poured on the ground that I am standing on”.

to be continued…..

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