Who do you listen to? The mind or The body or The emotions or The soul (God, higher self , inner self or other )

“I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health.” – Voltaire

François-Marie d’Arouet (1694–1778) often named Voltaire, was a French writer who said the above quote. I’m sure you agree most people prefer to have a measure of happiness in life. Scientist and therapist proved overwhelming relation of our thought and happiness.

Today if we asked the question what is the secret to happiness or to have a happy life there will be many responses which are often rooted in a person experiences of gains and losses. The internet has some weird and wonderful sites to that question, in the references below you will find curious results but be careful to what and who you listen to.

On my therapy course this week we spent some time exploring this question only superficially. On the next level we will explore it at a deeper level helping individuals at holistic approach with several different therapeutic approaches to help heal the individual. I have read a lot of books on similar topics but on that day I had a lightbulb moment. As a keen explorer of neuroscience and psychology human behaviour and mental health problems are fascinating for me. A lot of men love to watch thier favourite football team with their testosterone and dopamine-levels sky rocketing especially if thier teams wins. One of my brain rushes are exploring the behaviour of humans, why and how humans do what they do , sometimes I have a adrenaline rush when I a lightbulb moment.

Question I posed at the beginning is who do you listen to is a rhetorical question and why not have an honest appraisal. Life is all about relationships from the day we are born till the day we die. Even if you don’t see anyone all day we still have relationships. Our relationship with food our relationship to whatever we read or watch or listen to. Our relationship with temperature is too hot or cold. Our relationship with our feelings do we feel happy or sad. Arguably the most neglected is our relationship with God or inner self or nature you could say spirtual. Interesting how many spirtual giants mentioned that spirtual self and happiness is important ingredient to life.

Mind: Most of my life I listened to my mind maybe that’s why I love science I am very analytical at times. A great asset as it helps me to focus constructively to get things done. Reminds me of a robot , get from a to b in the quickest most effective way. But we are humans and being focused on dong rather than being can cause problems.

The body: Do you listen to your body , most of do especially when we are hungry and when we need to use the toilet. In fact the basic bodily functions keep us alive so it is vital pay attention or listen to our bodies. The balance is sometimes hard to reach with a fast pace of life and demands and responsibilities sometimes may cause exhaustion or physical burnout.

The emotions: feelings are beautiful especially with an embrace from a love one or friend. The secret is being self aware and emotionally intelligent. But because of the ups and downs in life this can cause us to be out of sync. Extremes of people emotions are often not aware of thier emotions. to or on the other scale individuals are totally consumed by thier emotions.

The Spiritual: Billions of individuals alive today have a spiritual inclination they say there is something more than just humans. This is a very personal affiliation on how it has influence on our personal life. Through the centuries in the name of religious ideologies many have lost thier life’s due to religious hatred. The healing power of purpose and hope is a great intrinsic and extrinsic mechanism for survival for a spiritual person.

On our course we had visual of these 4 parts of self and had to identify what or who we were listening to. Interesting how everyone had different response. Some said they are more emotional others said ruled by thier head. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. I used this approach on to a personal question and I was fascinated by answers from my mind , my body , my emotional and my spiritual response.

Here is an Example
Imagine you offered a new job? Who would you listen to?
Mind might say “ go for it more money”
Body might say “ I can’t work all day it’s too tiring “
Emotions might say “ I feel really excited”
Spiritual might say “ is this path you really want to take “

By incorporating these vital parts of self I’m sure we will have new and interesting aspects to our journey through life.




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