All for one and one for all

Part 3

D’Artagnan composed himself as he gathered his thoughts together to answer Athos question”What else did you want to do?”
He answered in a positive and optimistic manner saying” Actually I wanted to go to New France because my uncle said there where so many opportunities for a young man like myself. He said he knew many nobles and officials who would give me a promising career as a wealthy entrepreneur. I would often dream of building my own estate with servants and even organising a local cathedral as a young boy during those long summers.”

Porthos leaned forward with a a smile on his face listening to every single breathe from D’Artagnan with excitement. “That sounds heavenly, I can imagine you there with the beautiful coat made of furs going to the splendid cathedral and you help finance and design. Then afterward entertaining your friends and guest with the local officials at your magnificent stately home.

Aramis said” That was a great inspiration and dreams D’Artagnan you had. You really had clear ideas of what you wanted to do when you were a young child. Who stopped you from pursuing the thoughts and ideas,? Was it when you became a man?”

D’Artagnan said in hesitancy “ No….I didn’t think I could ever get to New France especially when my uncle died , who would listen to me. And my father kept on saying it was dangerous and a stupid idea ,I would drown sailing to New France.” Athos intelligently said “ Your uncle and many others sailed to New France. France now has one of the best navy in the world thanks to Cardinal Richelieu. I have heard many positive stories about New France , have you?” D’Artagnan sighed quietly and said” You are right Athos I have heard many good stories about New France….There was a silence as D’Artagnan had a new perspective on his childhood fantasy. Porthos looked at his friend and said “ what are you feeling now?”
“A mixture of anger and regret I think, definitely angry at my father. Actually I feel sad , I could of had it all in New France”… A few tears trickled from his eyes as he understood his fantasies as a child could no longer will happen.

Aramis too had similar dreams as a child and understood the pain of unfulfilled dreams. But Aramis discovered that he could still have his dream as a handsome musketeer. He realised that he just had to slightly change his dreams or thoughts and ideas to a realistic opportunities.

Aramis said “I thank you D’Artagnan for being so brave and honest with us sharing your thoughts and feelings as a true musketeer.”
“it is so difficult with the many disappointments I have encountered recently.” “One disaster after another one, I was wishing it would all go away”.”I would go home feeling sad then drink all night to numb the pain in my heart. What a failure I have been to everyone”

All of the musketeers shared D’Artagnan grief as he cried intensely for a while. They looked at each other with compassion and loyalty with each other’s hearts sensing the warmth and empathy. “ Athos said in a loud convincing voice with unconditional positive regard “ All for one and one for all”.

D’Artagnan put his arms around his good friends and stood up grabbed his sword and said” raise your swords my fellow musketeers”. They all stood up then they all clashed their swords together and said in a valiant outcry”All for one and one for all”.

to be continued


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