4 Musketeers

Part two

D’artagnan was waiting in the library of his prestigious friend home in a melancholy mood gazing at the vast array of books. Who has the time to read all these books , what a waste of time D`artagnan thought as he droop his weary soul in the chair. He sighed as he sat down just wanting to be at home all alone way from the excitement of his previous life.

The Three Musketeers walked down the long corridor Chatting away with each other about D’artagnan situation. Porthos Said” we must be very careful with our dear friend.” Aramis Was feeling very upset that his friend wanted to hide away from everyone. Athos Knew exactly what to say to his friend but he wanted to find out all the facts before he had a plan.

When the Three Musketeers entered the library D’artagnan just looked at them with a glazed look. He said “why do you want to see me,I am happy to stay at home all alone where I have a good supply of wine”.

Porthos sat down next to D’artagnan and said” my dear friend, are you happy all alone drinking at home? what about you fighting for your country. Remember we all had many good times together fighting for the king. Also remember the many times we had splendid meals together”. A tear rolled down D’artagnan eye as he struggled to look at his friends with embarrassment.

Athos moved his chair near D’artagnan and Porthos and cleared his throat as a way to announce or to say something important. D’artagnan respected Athos and viewed him as an older brother who taught him the lessons of life. Athos composed himself in orderly manner as he sat down and looked directly at D’artagnan.” Why are you no longer fighting for the king as a special guard and with the musketeers?….” D’artagnan was going to speak but a flood of tears came rolling down his cheeks as he mumbled his words holding back his grief.He stamped his feet in anger “ it’s the cardinal”. At that moment he couldn’t hold his pain in anymore and he cried bitterly for a few moments.

The musketeers didn’t say a word but all looked at thier grieving friend with consolation and compassion on thier faces.

Now Aramis decided to sit down and moved his chair near to the 3 of them. He gave D’artagnan plenty of time to express all his feelings, as his friends watched with compassion in silence. D’artagnan continued in a sobbing quiet voice “ I am useless now , what is my father going to say, I have lost everything.” He sniffled as he tried to compose himself and said to his dear fiends” everything was so great when I became a musketeer fighting with my friends. I was in love with a beautiful lady , I had plenty of money.” There was a short breath then he said “but now I am just a peasant boy from the South of France”. More tears rolled down his face and his body leaned forward looking at the ground with his hands on his head.

Aramis said quietly and slowly to his dear friend” Are you are saying that at one time everything was perfect? But now you have lost everything you ever wanted?” D’artagnan head was still looking down with his hands now placed tightly on his long cloak hanging over his knees. “ Yes it’s all over now.” Aramis replied to his friend” What about your friends have you lost them?” D’artagnan angrily replied “Yes…….. “

There was a long silence in the room and the 3 Musketeers looked at each other while D’artagnan still had his face looking towards the floor. Aramis said in an emphatic tone “ We are your friends and we are here to see D’artagnan the man who is brave who won many battles. You have saved many a good man from the Cardinals conspiracies. Porthos spoke up and said in a positive spirit” I remember the day I met you, I knew that one day you would be grow to be a strong independent wealthy fighter”.

Then Athos gave D’artagnan time to reflect on what was said. Athos paused for a while then said courageously what did your father say when you left home in Lupiac to travel to Paris?”

D’artagnan looked up at all 3 of them and wiped the tears from his eyes and composed himself. “ My father said to me, even when I was a child… You have two choices in this life son, either be a priest or a soldier like your older brothers. My father always said the family name is more important than my childish fantasy”. Aramis looked at him with much interest and said”What were your childish fantasy, I am intrigued please tell me more?”

“I wanted to fight against those Huguenot traitors and abolish thier Devilish society and….. D’artagnan said with conviction as he sat up straight looking as he wanted to pick up his sword and fight there and then. He went on to say” Those bloody pagans they killed my great uncle in La Rochelle who was a Musketeer of the Guard. I loved him so much because he treated me like his own son. During some summers when I was a child he came to stay with the family and he told us so many amazing stories.” Athos listen to every single word and said “ah…. please tell me more” Porthos agreed and said “I am beginning to understand a little more about you now my dear young warrior please continue”. Aramis felt a sense of injustice inside himself as his heart began to beat fast with passion. He understood the pain of losing a close relative but he found consolation in the church as a young child that’s why he wanted to be a priest. Aramis knew D’artagnan had to finish his story and release all his years of emotional turmoil.

D’Artagnan now became alive as he recounted his uncle adventures , you could see him relive those adventures there in his seat. When he finished the story of his uncle travelling to New France he had a smile of a young proud son talking about his favourite hero. Athos then said”you mentioned you wanted to fight against those Huguenot traitors and abolish thier Devilish society and.. what else did you want to?

To be continued


















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