The 3 Musketeers

Part one
The story of the 3 Musketeers were in fact 4 Musketeers. It was written as a novel published in French as Les Trois Mousquetaires in 1844. The author wrote many stories of these young dashing swords man in thier pursuit of helping the unfortunate. I will use these 4 main characters as analogy in describing counselling theory to understand some of the principle ideas. With these ideas it might inform you on some thinking and behaviour patterns we notice. Or it may be helpful to understand others internal thinking leads to behaviours. The main characters are

D’ARTAGNAN (client) His personality type he is constantly trying to prove himself to show the world his bravery with his impulsive, hotheaded,  and inexperienced adventures.

1 ATHOS (Gestalt theory) intelligent, courageous; precise in his sword fighting.

2 PORTHOS (Person Centred theory) Humorous, vain, slave to fashion, good-hearted; comical and self confident.

3 ARAMIS (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT) Romantic, handsome, hot tempered, studying to be a priest and very emotional.

Athos , Porthos and Aramis have had extensive training on thier inner conflicts and developed thier key strengths and strategies as a weapons of intrinsic methods of theory to help others to fight against their internal conflicts.

D’Artagnan has caused many problems to the rest of the Musketeers and now he realises he needs to explore why he is having these difficulties.He always wants to be the romantic hero, he is driven by love and ruled by the need to please others. His behaviour leads to many problems of increasing penalties of fines, dinking too much wine and melancholy moods.

His 3 friends decide to speak to him after his sudden departure from the Musketeers troop. They have heard he is sleeping all day after he has lost his position of a kings guard. Added to sullen atmosphere he can’t soothe his afflictions with the affection of lady Constance Bonacieux who decided to stop thier secret rendezvous of passions.

Aramis has a strategy that might help his dear contemporary because he tried it on himself and it worked. Aramis was always unpredictable from one day to the next. Some days he was angry all day long and everyone had to tip toe around him because he has been know to kill a few individuals who pushed him too far, thankfully it was always the villains and he got away with it. On other days he was besotted by a young maidens and he couldn’t kill even a fly at those times. Aramis learnt and discovered one day he was angry all day then his mood started to change. He knew he was going see his sweetheart in the brewery in the evening and his mood shifted more and more and by the time he met his lover in the evening he was soft as a lamb. He made a system called the A B C = Activating event or trigger that Lead to B = beliefs or thoughts that lead to C = Consequences the emotions and actions. Aramis had an idea, he thought if I can get D’Artagnan to talk to us we can devise a plan together.

Porthos had this wonderful skill, he could talk and listen to anyone. He trusted people from the very rich to the very poor. He was never afraid to be himself trying to look his best at all times and laughing at the mistakes he made. Porthos could understand people pain regardless if they were a peasant or belonged to the royal court a true gentleman to the people. His greatest skill ,he always made individuals feel safe and encouraged them to follow thier dreams.

Athos was very intelligent he knew all the questions to ask about finding the missing puzzle to solve the mystery. He was also very courageous because some of the questions he asked the people made them feel uneasy and sometimes made them sad or angry. There was this one occasion when he went into the royal court to speak to the young Prince. The Prince was drinking all the time during that period of his life. The Prince had changed from a charming Prince to an insensible fool. Athos walked into to speak to him that morning and saw the Prince drinking by himself and Athos said “ I know why you are drinking all the time?” Prince replied angrily “ what is it then?” Athos said rather emphatically “ you are in pain and believe you should be strong like your father and hold your feelings in” The prince ran off crying uncontrollably.

The 3 Musketeers arranged to see their friend D’Artagnan later that week at 3 pm on Thursday at his good friends home who lived near D’Artagnan home. His friend lived in a large stately home and he had a large private room were the 4 of them can talk in private with no disturbances.

To be continued…..

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