Breathe or not to breathe?

How long can you hold your breath for?

According to the Guinness world records”The longest time breath held voluntarily (male) is 24 min 3.45 secs and was achieved by Aleix Segura Vendrell (Spain), in Barcelona, Spain, on 28 February “

There are many different practices related to breathing from yoga, mindfulness,meditation,exercise and dancing.

Some breathing techniques act improving the psychological flexibility in a series of mutual interactions even the emotional and psychological states.

The brain remembers information to helps us to assess situations quickly and anticipate how our bodies will act. These patterns are learned throughout our life. These learned ideas can materially alter the way we breathe. The theory is termed the ‘Bayesian brain hypothesis.

Trauma will effect your breathing to a fight or flight response. Experts call this PTSD that leaves the body in a state of shock or the body is fully on. Or your body may choose to regulate its resources into a recessive state . The poly vagal Theory explains this protective mechanisms in great detail and therapist can use breathing techniques to regulate your emotional and physiological states.

Benefit of nasal breathing compared to mouth breathing are many. Increase up 20 % of oxygen by nasal breathing which will reduce activity of the heart pumping oxygen around the body. By breathing through your nose it defends and supports your immune system. Aerobic Exercise and Performance is increased by nasal breathing.

To maximise your performance in any physical activity professional athletes use breathing techniques to enhance their game.

Breathing help fight against diseases and rejuvenate the body. Start the day with morning exercises, that is, immediately after sleep. Benefits will cleanse your body of toxins built up during the night, it will improve blood circulation, body shape improve.


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